Student & Youth Adventure Tours
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We offer specialised School Tours for Grade 8 to Grade 12 scholars. Our tour leaders are highly informative when visiting rural villages, places of interest, forests or wild life sanctuaries, to name a few. With our knowledge in student budget travel and our infrastructure, will guarantee the best value for money when it comes to sourcing accommodation and travel for your sport and class tours.


Do you need some quality time out?  With Rush its easy to take time out on your own or with your friends. Whether you're in the mood to party hard, chill out on a beach or spend some romantic time with your partner in the mountains, our getaways provide thew perfect choice at very little cost. Our weekend breaks offer a unique experience to some great destinations over weekends for students aged 18 to 30.


We have some of the most popular routes and places to visit in and around Southern Africa. From the adventurous Victoria Falls to the wilds of the Okavango and Mozambique, Rush is a great way to get to get out there and do your thing. Our budget tours are a popular and cost effective way to see the country and meet some amazing people.


All over the world, young adults enjoy festivals and concerts in their home countries using student budget tour companies who understand and provide what they want when it comes to great moments, partying hard and sweet memories.

Rush Adventures is South Africa's best! We remove the hassles of parking on lonely streets, annoying break downs and having to rely on friends that could let you down. We specialize in what you want and know where you need to be next. The number of students joining organized road trips for pleasure as opposed to roughing it on their own has risen. We all know that your ticket and fuel are not the only things you need to budget for when heading to a festival. With Rush Adventures you save on all the troublesome costs of extras by paying a set fee. We deal with all the red tape of travel while you simply enjoy the moment.

Discover the country, meet new people and don't miss out on life by waiting around. Choose a Rush festival or holiday NOW!

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Student & Youth Adventure Tours

Rush Adventures was established in 2010 as a division of Acacia Ventures c.c. Rush Adventures primary focus is on youth & students in South Africa apposed to main stream working adults. All Rush tour programs have successfully been operated for Acacia since 2006. Prior to this these very same tours were pioneered by the directors back in 1995 for Wagon Trails which was later sold to a consortium which continues to operate today. Rush Adventures beliefs that everyone deserves to enjoy a holiday thus we insist on offering some of the most economical tours to the youth market to enjoy and discover their future through travel. A little less frills with absolutely more exciting thrills for age 18’s to 30.

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